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Alexia Hankins wearing Adidas for Jesse Dictor FashionThis is a living document that will expand as I get more information. It will be the basis that I start monitoring digital foot prints and do reports about the industry. So this will get fleshed out and have links added, portions removed, and shifted around as I get a hold of the landscape. I’m aiming to start have a benchmark for reports by the 1st of October, and have them ran by then.


LululemonOverview of Executive Management

Public – LULU U.S.: Nasdaq

Lululemon are currently dominating the athletic and athleisure landscape, covering basically every inch of social media and a ton of very loyal brand followers.

Athleta (Gap) – Overview of Executive Management

Public – Gap Stock

Athleta is an arm of the Gap brand, it seems to act independently. While this brand isn’t the most popular, my older friends and my fashion designer friends prefer this brand even at higher prices. The designs are very near high fashion and the stitching is incredible.

FableticsOverview of Executive Management


Fabletics is a company Kate Hudson inspired – an activewear line, offers similar quality products as Lululemon but at much cheaper prices. They have an intense loyalty program and have a strong email presence when compared to the other brands.

NikeOverview of Executive Management

Public – Nike Inc. Cl B

Nike lands in an area where they are more a true athlete brand in the United States and I could see them struggling with athletic wear and athlesiure in the United States. That said, much like Adidas, they are a brand for the brandless, and when a model I work with shows up with athletic clothes unless they are loyal to another brand they always show up with Adidas or Nike.

AdidasOverview of Executive Management

Public – adidas AG ADR

Adidas is a brand that comes off as more a casual athlete’s brand, who maybe plays pick up soccer or basket ball, but really is lounging around a city. It’s very popular in music videos and has a strong following over seas. This again is a brand for the brandless, people who lack a preference but knows that Adidas holds status alongside Nike.

UnderarmourOverview of Executive Management

Public – Under Armour Inc. Cl C

Underarmour is definitely branded more toward men, and is honestly an amazing company considering how low cost the products and stock prices currently are. They have incredible reach, and outside of Nike and Adidas ave the best brand awareness on this list. They have suffered from some marketing mistakes, but are a very strong company. If a larger portion of the United States male population invests in athletic wear and athleisure I see Underarmour climbing rapidly.

Sweaty BettyOverview of Executive Management


Sweaty Betty has probably the best brand narrative on the list and it’s presented much more like a mom and pop shop than an industry behemoth.

FreePeople (URBN) – Overview of Executive Management

Public – Urban Outfitters Inc.

FreePeople has an athletic section. it’s hard to avoid when talking about athletic wear and athleisure, though I’m unsure how successful it is as well as unsure who is buying it.

Gym SharkOverview of Executive Management

Private limited with Share Capital

Gym Shark has some fan favorites, I feel like they have tapped into certain niche’s that Lululemon has failed to reach before they took over the space. They are also a lower price point, getting attention from younger consumers who can’t quite afford some of the other brands comfortably.

Material Girl Overview of Executive Management

Private – (?)

This is Pia Mia’s brand that can be found in Macy’s. They aren’t stiched the best and don’t use the best fabric but they have an unbeatable price point. You can buy a whole outfit from the cost of just a single item from other people on this list. Mostly here because of Pia Mia (I’m a Fan).

What brands can be found at Nordstrom

Let’s not forget: I’m very Nordstrom focused. I live in the same city as they function in and they are really the arbiters of high but reasonable fashion. You can rarely go wrong in Nordstrom assuming you aren’t incredibly hard on your clothes.

Zella (Nordstrom Brand) – Overview of Executive Management

Public – Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s private label brand. They aren’t really promoted on their own and kind of feel like an after thought with a goal of making some money off of the increasing leisurewear trends.

Beyond YogaOverview of Executive Management


This group is much smaller than they appear I believe. I don’t have enough data on them yet.

Alo YogaOverview of Executive Management


They throw around language like they are a street brand often on their website, so they give me the impression they are cutting into some of the Adidas market. Thier website and Onzie’s look amazingly the same- I think they might be using the same template.

OnzieOverview of Executive Management


They do a good job representing their lines for the media and have even brought in photographers to present their own take for the look books.

ClimawearOverview of Executive Management


Climawear has their own feel going on, but definitely exist to attempt to be wholesale. They’ve done a good job recently pushing a maternity line.

Reebok (Adidas) – Overview of Executive Management

Public – adidas AG ADR

Reebok is owned by Adidas… who knew?

KoralOverview of Executive Management


Koral is a line that seems designed to sell wholesale.

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