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Tracking Amazon’s sales of clothing, shoes, and jewelry, the returned rate of purchased items were 66% Mens, 29% womens, and 5% children’s according to a research report on Amazon Intellegence: Fashion report (This information is just data from Janurary 2017 – August 2017- I strongly recommend downloading the report, it’s free and very good). The most notable thing of note about Amazon and men’s fashion- it is allowing small businesses and less well known brands to grow as larger brands have not moved to amazon in attempts to make sales.

Worse yet, third party resellers are selling unofficially through Amazon, meaning the only presence some brands have are from people other than those who manage the brand (Ex: Tory Burch and Rag & Bone). Smaller brands, like Common Fibers, have worked easier with Amazon and kept their brand more intact, as well as have been able to manage and dominate keywords across the platform.

Small brands that can afford to lose the margins should consider selling on Amazon, especially in areas that are hard to replicate well (such as carbon fiber wallets). They are likely to rank well and assuming the brand takes the time to manage their account they should see reasonable success.

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