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Seattle based plus sized clothing designer Crystal Lee-Anguay Reed has relaunched her brand for her up coming 2018 designs. No news yet on what her new items will be, but she has been working more closely with other local artists and has started to be picked up by local boutiques in town such as Sassafras.

While Anguay Reed Designs typically focus on more upscale traditional fashion designs, the success of her Revolution Clutches have me predicting that clothing that are more graphic design and protest in nature are to come. I believe this in part because her redesign shares the similar feel- we should expect to get more of a sneak peak of her designs before 2017’s Seattle Fashion Week.

I also predict her Japanesse Silk tie line will come to an end, while they are nice ties they are a bit off brand for the rest of her collection. I’m actually intending to buy one for Seattle Fashion Week, as the men’s in town designers are actually failing to satisfy my desires. That said, I think it was more of a dabble than a commitment and unless the amount of traction it’s received is much more dramatic than I gleam I would expect them to be a product that hits the roadside.

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