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With Pia Mia being brought on as the creative director for Madonna’s Material Girl collection (sold at Macy’s of all places) I am suspecting that she is picking up other endorsement checks along the way. It’s hard to tell what is paid sponsorship and what isn’t, but I must say, I find it odd to be watching the starlet sporting a Pepsi patch shirt.

I love Pia Mia, and when it comes to looking for inspiration I typically run right to her music videos and photos. People have been rather anxious about Pepsi since their Kendall Jenner commercial, I generally actually like pepsi also. If you look some of my older blogs I even explore Pepsi’s aesthetic designs in the past (The Harlee’s Closet blog is currently down, I will put link when it comes back up). Its just an aesthetic choice worth looking at, and as always, Pia Mia is worth looking at also.

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