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The answer is yes.

Mic, a publishing company targeting young liberals, recently let go of a quarter of their righting staff. They then hired about twenty people to focus solely on Video Production with emphasis on social media. This seems like a drastic move, but every year, more and more Americans are watching more and more online, socially shared videos.

EMarketer just announced that USA adults spend 5.5 hours a day watching video, and of that video, about 1.2 hours of that was shared video on social media. While television watching is actually in the decline, it seems social media video watching is in the incline. If you know your target audience is watching it, what good reason do we have not to make video and distribute it on social media?

More depressing, is that people are reading less online also. So blogs become less and less meaningful, and the text post on your image is being glazed over as people get sucked more into video content.

Be careful though, autoplay videos annoy consumers. I assume they are so used to the spammy, playing somewhere loudly that’s hard to find somewhere buried on a page like an advert. To be on the safe side I would recommend putting videos on social media, but keeping autoplaying videos off of your website (even when muted).

LuluMon is killing the instagram story game.

Have you taken the time to follow larger brands to see the kinds of content they are making? It is really very staggering, and amazing. They create compelling and interactive stories that are much in the same vain as Work Out like an Angel – but that is just streaming through their instagram. They have a very active stream of very talented people making entertaining engaging content. I would recommend following them if you find you are in a roadblock as to what you should be putting on your brand’s instagram feed.

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