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I’ve talked about how I consider Aesthetic to be all about social status– and how I think that the heart of a lot of consumer fashion is about getting the most high quality inbound offers from preferred sexual partners.
There has been a meme floating around for a while that goes “Don’t worry, you’re not ugly, you’re just poor”. I feel this meme communicates the sleeping thoughts in people that you can’t say out loud with out a large backlash.

Fitness, beauty products, and hair are all indicator of our social status. Things like the meme above implies that it might be a bigger indicator than the clothes we wear which is why currently gym selfies and athleisure brands are taking the youth by storm. They are unconsciously learning this about their social status and adapting.

Of course, fitness doesn’t mean thin. It also doesn’t mean a traditionally muscular physique- but what it almost always has to have is a display of control of the aesthetic of your body.

That being said though, if we are talking about modelling and social status, it’s very clear we are mostly talking about more muscular Victoria secret style models. I draw this connection by looking at the models that get paid the most and who get the largest social media following, so if the most well paid model is the highest in your arena in your competition, than it’s very clear: Victoria Secret models. A near side note? These types of models actually get more valuable with age- the highest paid model in the world is 37 (in 2017). These models typically have also gotten a husband that launches their fame even further.

This is further emphasized by how heavily they get attention for their work outs and their ability to inspire- people want to be like them. They want to work out like them and have their diet.

This isn’t drastically important for a model until you realize it’s these followers and these people who want to work out like you, dress like you, wear make up like you that end up making you most valuable as a model. You can also get this type of attention also by having a large audience who want to offer you inbound sexual offers as well though this seems to be less effective as just being inspiring from a high social status (example: Paris Hilton).

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