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With out a doubt how high quality product shots are needed on brand pages. This seems especially true for luxury items- Gucci isn’t changing their pattern and if there is any brand that is incredibly locked into marketing, it’s Gucci (Check out this dress! Just nice product shots on a nice model). When we are talking about targeting middle class millennials however, things change. They enjoy seeing lifestyle and contextual product shots, showing an increase in conversions on product pages- for midrange brands, the amount increased is about 300%.

If I had to speculate why, it’s because millennial consumers have been tricked into buying overpriced items online that have been made to look really nice while in actuality are really bad products. 25% of the reasons customers return products is because the product was not what they were expecting. To help set customer expectations, lifestyle shots help them understand their projected use cases. Most customers make a decision to buy or not buy a product in 90 seconds- and while it may seem the no’s leave the website in 4 seconds, turning a maybe no into a yes is given that very small window.

We see

An interesting side note- people of the same gender as the model spend time looking at the jewelry the models are wearing in their product shots. They determined this using eye tracking software.

For those more curious on Luxury- the lack of contextual images is consistent. I ran into this accidentally writing this article. You can see all the top luxury brands doing this- 1) Chanel, 2) Dior, 3) Cartier Paris, 4) Valentino, 5) Rolex, 6) Swarovski, 7) Gucci (sited above), 8) Dolce & Gabbana, 9) Prada, 10) Calvin Klien

This is a bit of an outdated list but I’ll add Louis Vuitton before someone comes in and says “What about Louis Vuitton”.

Zero of what I have bench marked as the top 10 luxury brands actually bother with contextual product shots on their website.

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