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I’ve been focusing on marketing and photography, noticing when they overlap mostly using A/B testing and hoping to get into some surveys. I’m calling it photography first marketing, and I’m hoping to help marketers know what images to use when selecting photography for their website.

Alright, so what has been converting better, professional model photos or User Generated Content from Instagram on Facebook adverts?

I’m not going to dive into the why here, as often times when I speculate I am surprised to find I am wrong and trying to recreate it with just the why I propose doesn’t work out. Here are some just nitty gritty numbers.

Please note, I don’t have actual sales data. I don’t work with Nike or Zara.

In both cases, above, UGG out performed the studio shot.


This isn’t shocking. A report by Boston Consulting Group found that Millennials — which are the largest generation in U.S. history and about to lead the country in spending power — engage with brands “far more extensively and personally than older generations.” Free People has been allowing users to upload photos of themselves right to products, a move that has been found to be very effective. The below example is again Zara, and not Free People, but it goes to show the power of UGC- and shows it extends all the way onto the product page.

I will keep testing and let you know. If you are like me and want to test, I’d recommend keeping these things in mind:

  • Do A/B testing, just check two items at a time. I like running them both at the same time.
  • Isolate testing– just run 1 test at a time.
  • Test Size– I recommend keeping it within 100,000 people. I like audiences that live close to me (Seattle) since I feel we speak the same language and have an easier time reaching that audience.
  • Tell me how it goes!


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