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The EU hit google with a record fine of $2.7 billion for violating antitrust rules for promoting their sales channels over the sales channel of their competition. This is something that is known to be done by Amazon and Walmart in the United States as well.

Why does this effect local retailers?

There is a shopping habit called “Showrooming”. This is where people walk into a shop, and research the prices of the items online. This matters a lot of small designers, because they have virtually no competition online for their names, and it matters for boutiques to rank for the clothing they are selling in their shop.

It’s no longer viable to just be online or just have a brick and mortar shop. You need to have a maintained and consistent presence in both spaces. A big part of this is to google the brands and items you are selling and see what comes up. This is also important to make sure you aren’t being undercut by the brand manufacturers themselves (a common problem that people who just enter wholesale).


On average, consumers visit at least 3 online stores before making a purchase, as well as 66% of the time checking warranty information (retailtoday). Trying to get people who are in your store to find your website as a place to double check prices and get more information (like warranty) will help them get to your purchase.

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