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Nike has been allowing users to entirely customization their shoe design, with companies like Printful allowing tons of customization of their apparel items. You might think that custom design means people will be able to make exactly what they want exactly the way they want it.

Customization is non-sense. People want professionals who knows what looks good to tell them what they should wear to look good.

They want a clear style tribe to inspire them about the meaning of what they are wearing. They really don’t want to try to be trend setters with unique looks because they risk the chance of failure. Let me tell you though- THEY SHOULD LET OTHERS DEFINE THEIR STYLE. They have other things to do than try to adjust their personal style to become just right and deal with the risks of trying to trend send.

While most places that offer customization aren’t quite on point for prices ($350 for Arch Denim Jacket). You can even get this done at Revolve. Even Vans has a web application to let you customize, if you are interested in customized items much like Nike offers.

People have been saying that customization would be taking over for the last four years. Marketing people love pushing this idea but it’s simply not true. If customization was really what the population wanted in fashion it’d be overwhelmingly obvious.

Fast fashion is what is taking over, not customization.

Here is a link to a brand that started, and ended, customization. He goes over the different strengths and weakness. He puts it simply as the general public isn’t educated enough to know what clothes should fit them, so much as different prints, embroidery, or patterns. The problem for companies is clear- it’s not very scalable and p

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