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While arguably having a place in the 90s and being a part of grunge that some say founded in Seattle, the design in Seattle have largely forgotten Skate Wear. This isn’t a Seattle exclusive issue, as really skate culture has been dropping drastically since 2004 (down 90%). This is not to say skate culture is going away. There was a similar decline in the 70s but with things like the internet becoming more entwined with our lives the next time it emerges it will be very different than what it is today.

The question for designers is – could skateboard nostalgia lead to heightened interest in expression, especially amongst designers who lived through the era and enjoyed it? This might be best to wait until after more skate shops close, so it keeps a more obscure vibe. Skate culture is still strong in Europe, and I doubt is going away. It is just in need of a disruption in America in order to revitalize it. The change should be so drastic that it will look nothing like current skate culture.

An example of something that could disrupt the industry the trend of Korean girls being recorded as they skate slowly on long boards. It could be less about skate parks and more about cute girls showing off a new aesthetic.

Conceptually, I think we are at the most down time for a skate wear-themed shoot. Could 2018 emerge with some local Seattle designers breathing life into skate wear and possibly gaining a bit of traction? We’d need a better walk set up with better walk photographers in place, but I think fashion has forgotten skate wear and there is a clear opening for attention.

Photo is from the Clear Coated look book with Lynae Cook

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