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If you are like me, you work a regular 9 to 5 job to pay the bills before you tackle your second job – fashion, trend monitoring, and photography. You are hungry to consume more news and updates about fashion, design, and the arts but the only part of you that is really free to even passively consume is your ears. The problem with that is – fashion and design podcasts are mostly just awful.

Fashion is largely visually based and having someone labor over the thought process involved in the creating of a piece from a design almost detracts from it. It’s like being explained the punchline of a joke. For example, ShowStudio – the height of art photography – just utterly fails at making fashion and design podcasts be compelling. I think the biggest problem is people who are good at visual expression with textiles are fundamentally bad at orating. When you ask them a question about inspiration they will go on for 3 minutes about how they visited New York once as a host utters emotionless “mm hmm” every 8 seconds. Those that are very good at orating tend to be very offensive. And, since fashion tends to be built on very liberal platforms, they need to be very careful with what they say or be prepared to take a large political hit.

Fashion podcast hosts all ask the same few questions as well, and most the responses they get are very much the same responses. I also think that if you are an incredible host, you quickly find something better to be do than simply host a fashion design podcast.

In the end, it doesn’t matter why – it is just painful to listen to.

What tends to make a podcast worth listening to is having a vivid story or a description of their process of creation that can be found useful and help influence my worldview. Every single fashion or design podcast fundamentally fails at achieving that. To put this in perspective- a make-up artist podcast will often inspire me, and others, to want to try new make-up techniques. They let me see the potential of an HMUA so vividly that I am inspired to want to try it.

I know it’s very easy to be critical of things and I know it’s unfair to critique it without knowing enough about podcasts or even fashion design. I just want something I can listen to during my work week.

Photo is From Unofficial Hyden Yoo 2015 Look Book.

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