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Header images and featured images are from Britni Jade Smith’s gallery.


House of a 1000 Corsets

Ryan La Rue is not new to the scene, she has walked in Seattle Fashion Week and many other runways. She’s even organized larger shoots all herself and has massive amounts of content.

Check out her Facebook page here!

J. Von Stratton

I recognized this designer from Sassafras! Her Spring/Summer designs are meant for the warm days coming up ahead, and as an established designer her items are ones worth paying attention to if you are a designer looking into getting into local shops.”>

J. Von Stratton’s Facebook Page

Emerging Seattle

Britni Jade Smith

This designer strikes me as the designer worth seeing at this RAW event! While definitely an artistic/hobbyest level designer as of current, she shows some large design potential. She doesn’t have much social media to follow yet, but she is definitely one you want to be paying attention to!

Foster ROE

I’ve got no data on this designer as of current. I found a designer online but might be them, but I have not gotten a response so I am unsure.

Eyestyle Enterprises

I’m pretty sure Eyestyle Enterprises isn’t emerging, but a designer who has been laying low since I moved to Seattle. I hate making those kinds of assumptions however so I am currently leaving this one as emerging and unable to get a response from the designer as of current.
Eyestyle Enterprises’ Facebook

Lee aka Truth

This seems to be the line Khaotic Control Clothing. Looking at the model’s they’ve used in the past, they aren’t entirely new to the scene. They look like a lifestyle streetwear brand. They borrow some famous quotes and have a definitely rebellious tone.
Khaotic Control Clothing’s Facebook

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