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Amazon is taking on Etsy, and it’s starting with weddings. Do local Seattle Wedding Dress Designers need to worry?

Weddings are a 300 billion industry, and it’s clear that Amazon wants a cut. What does this mean for the wedding market on Etsy? Beyond Etsy, what does it mean for the Seattle wedding industry? Its hard to get a good guess of the average cost of a Washington wedding, but the closest reported in 2016 was $31,086. Last year Amazon released their wedding registry on their website, and it’s clear they wanted to move into this direction. With Americans spending an average of of 1,357 dollars on a wedding dress, could ordering the dress online and then make alterations really be the best route?

Check out their wedding section here.

Local wedding dressed designers and people who make wedding dress alterations aren’t worried. Their quick review of the Amazon space noticed that it was very disjointed, and that even when they could navigate to the hand made section (A link that has went down a few times today) their ability to find dresses were low, and their ability to find hand made and unique dresses were so low that they might as well not be there. Wedding dress alterations cost more when they are not purchased from the designer directly, encouraging even more to buy directly. That’s not the biggest reason they aren’t worried, however.

“I think the stories of my dress and the emotional bonds that I get from working with clients is worth much more and is something I want to build on. For me, the relationship is much more than just a sales transaction for a piece of clothing. It’s someone’s memories, someone’s big day. Trust in your designer is of utmost importance.”Madison Adrianna Leiren, Seattle Wedding Dress Designer

People online are also very scared of making online purchases. It’s not uncommon for them to order, and end up going to wedding dress designers anyway. That said, people are still making online Wedding Dress orders, and are even writing guides on ordering wedding dresses online for success.

“People will quickly find out that ‘custom’ online will never match in custom precision in person”Zina Izrailov, Wedding Dress Alteration, Seattle Designer

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