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WHEN YOU DATE A WHITE: Antifa Inspiration

By April 5, 2017Fashion, Inspiration

Around Seattle, specifically around the university district some interesting black and white flier sized posters started popping up. This trend might not be Seattle specific because as I look around the web I see other cities talking about fliers like these.


That’s right- AntiFa had seemingly launched some anti-white posters and had spread them around town. Now, many say this was a false flag operation, and it was simply people trying to make AntiFa look bad. I don’t really care either way- to me they look like cultural relics of this specific period of time and people just aren’t seeing them in the context of all of history. They are like the old Soviet Union posters that we simply don’t understand and can’t relate to anymore. Simply a beautiful piece about the times we live in.

I took these as inspiration for a shoot I want to do… here are the concept pieces:


In secret, everyone loves the idea- people love the project. In public? Brands are worried about their image! I also think models feel that way- I have chosen the model I want for this shoot but nothing is set in stone yet.

I still need to design the graphics for the shirts and stumble out to get the shirts printed.

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