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How to Make People Want to Wear your Designer Dress at a Party

By April 4, 2017Fashion, Seattle

Okay, so you are a small designer in Seattle- how do you start managing my brand so they want to wear my dresses?

A properly managed brand is the real answer because its waaaaaay too vague. When I say a “properly managed brand” what do I mean?

Be at the Events you Want Them to Wear Your Dress At

You need to be a part of your target demographic. If you wouldn’t want to wear your dress at the event you would want to be at, why would anyone else? It puts you out in the open and let people see and attach themselves to you. It will let people see your clothes in action and see how they could be a version of themselves that wear a dress.

Let’s say you can’t be your target demographic- this definitely happens. You can see the most successful brands doing this trick- they bring a model to wear their clothes to an event. You could just let a model go with out you acting as a brand ambassador, but for them to connect to you and like you, you really need to be there.

People Want to Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Themselves

There is a place in the environment people need to be in- and that is feeling like that being a part of your brand is a movement. You stand for something. You care about things. They don’t need to be advanced things or hard to explain things- it can just be kittens and cake. People being able to see your dress as part of the kitten and cake movement is important. We need them to be at your event wearing your clothes knowing that wearing your dress has a meaning that is bigger than just your brand and themselves.

People Want to Feel a Sense of Belonging

When people wear your brand, they want to be with others that are wearing your brand or something similar to your brand. This is part of why its important you are there- so they have a place to be outside of just their friends they can walk up to you and say hello. They have a place with you, because your brand is for people like you and them. You can instantly recognize each other in a room. In a bigger sense, a part of your brand needs to focus on community building. Your community will be your best brand advocates and the best people helping to spread your brand’s awareness.

People Want to Go on a Meaningful Experiences

Your clothes need to offer and experience that is bigger than just wearing your clothes. It needs to lead to the reaction that they want- if its to be respected, if its for everyone in the room to stop and tell you how sexy you are, if its for them to find a hot guy and become a hot mess. Your dresses help lead to a specific reaction from a room- at the very least help people have the courage to have these adventures themselves. When people are talking about your brand telling a story, this is what they mean- identifying with the brand, and projecting onto the story it is telling.

People want to Know Their Contributions Make an Impact

People need to feel that when they wear your dress, they are making a real impact in your life and in your message. They need to be sure that when they purchased they were not just a one and done, that they are not just a commodity that you are using for sales. They need to know that they matter to the movement, and that they are helping. Even if the movement is just to spread the joy of kittens and cake.

The images were from my shoot with Katy Flynn for her brand KFly Seattle. Explore the look book style shoot here in my portfolio!

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