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Celebrities on the Runway

By January 12, 2017Fashion, Runway

We’ve been seeing more and more changes to the way runways are being walked- they have been walked mixing lines and genders and making walks occur more quickly. With walks being introduced to the web, people are doing more and more to get eyes on the the online stream. One of the most effective method’s they’ve had is adding celebrities to the run way.

Jasmine Sanders and Emily Ratajkowski appeared as part of Miu Miu’s Fall 2016 lineup alongside editorial favorites like Grace Hartzel and Binx Walton, while Hailey Baldwin experienced a breakthrough by walking for Prabal Gurung and Dolce & Gabbana.

While their was once a time models would find fame on the runway, now designers are looking for fame for their runway- much like magazine’s using celebrities to sell magazines. It has a further added investment as these celebrities will show their walks on their incredibly populated and monitored social media for years to come.

This isn’t an entirely new trend, as it’s casually been happening since 2000- with even Rihanna and Ellen Degeneres having walks. The rate at which they are walking is more and more every year.

People have started to worry about overexposure- a concept I’m not sure I truely understand. I hope to perpetually see more and more Emily Ratajkowski however!

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