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Aftermath: Seattle Fashion Week – After Party from Harry Potter Winter Ball

The event was what I expected in the previous post– its good to go to these events, but go on the cheapest ticket possible. There was no reason to go VIP- there was no difference besides which door we enter through. There just wasn’t a line to worry about to need a faster entrance. Typically VIP offers a little more than just an entrance.

That said, the set up was pretty good- on a surface level everything is what you might expect. It was just a little too empty, just a little under designed, just a little too expensive. Just slightly off mark always. Now, if you work in the Fashion industry in Seattle, you should go to these events. Key people show up. Just don’t bother with the most expensive ticket. Don’t bother with having your designs worn on the models yet. Just come to the event. It is always worth it on the cheapest bracket.

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