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Showing Men’s and Women’s Runway Collections Together

By November 29, 2016Fashion, Runway

_a7Have you noticed a trend with the heavy hitting names when you’ve been watching runways online? As you might of guessed from the title, they’ve been walking men and women’s collections together. This has been occurring about the same time as online streaming has gotten popular- which I think matters because they want to keep walks more condensed, in both the amount of walks they are performing and in the length of the walks themselves. Walks taking too long has been a long term issue especially when introducing walks to a general audience, I think this is an attempt to reach a broader audience rather than just people who are interesting in monitoring trends. Making it more bite sized, and more interesting to a broader range of people in each walk, is a good first step.

Though, how big is the reach really?

Gucci, Burberry, Paul Smith, Calvin Klien Antonio Marras, Public School, Vivienne Westwood, Damir Doma, Tomas Maier, and Vetements have all participated in this trend. I really think as online gets pushed it will get to be more the norm.

If my prediction is correct, we will also start seeing people mixing seasons and collections! At the very least, compact them in to one very long walk. I’ve noticed brands displaying their collections earlier and earilier- so its not even close to impossible. Though it would be a head ache for people like me who try to follow the trends!

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