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Caroline Gallegos, Seattle Model, Makes Satirical Neo Nazi Instagram Account

By November 23, 2016Fashion, Models, Seattle


The above image alerted me to a local model who made a questionable Instagram account. Its not what you might think though- she created a satirical neo nazi account because she found it funny. She wanted to keep it separate from her modeling account, but purposefully connected it to her Facebook account, which has gotten this Seattle model a few interesting responses.

“I’m not hiding behind an account. It clearly states I run that account. I clearly linked my Facebook to it.” commented Caroline Gallegos ” It’s a satirical meme account on IG. There’s nothing to really scold me about. Let’s stop fabricating reasons to be offended. I know Jews. I dated a Jew for over three years. They all approve. They all think it’s hilarious. If you don’t approve then don’t follow the account. Easy peasy.”


You can follow this account here
Caroline Gallegos Model Instagram: Instagram here
Caroline Gallegos Facebook Page hereĀ  (she has updated her URL recently).

This is not her first politically controversial post either- and she isn’t interested in backing down from her current political stances. She says she created the account to “Troll actual Nazi’s” who are startled by the page’s aggressive tone. Currently the Instagram is mostly with out interactions.

I asked for permission to write this article and let her know about what I would be posting. I’m not very big on writing articles that don’t allow a dialogue and I don’t expect everyone to write a blog response every time I might write an article. I will update this if it has any movement, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t develop.



She later that Year decides to attack a female designer who walked at NYFW

In an interesting move, Caroline Gallegos took to social media throwing shade on on of the larger designers in town on Fathers day because the designer was commending herself for being a single mother.

They got into an exhaustively long and tiresome feud on Facebook- which made the general fashion community in Seattle have a bad taste in their mouth for her. I stopped paying any attention to her until this came up. While a laugh at barbecues, she is a character members of the community react very negatively towards, even raising concerns about me and Zinaiz working together (at the time she was a model on the website but since has been seemingly removed).

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