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The Blogs I Follow for Fashion News

By November 17, 2016Fashion

recommended-blogsThese blogs are much more big picture then things I talk about here, but I feel like its good to stay up to date on the big players to learn what I can gleam from them. I was honestly shocked at how long it took to gather this list together- there are a whole lot of fashion marketers and “business” people that really seem to know a lot about fashion design, but not the execution of a business or following trends.

Fashion Trends

When my friend first showed me this website, the only feeling I had was “I AM HOME”. They are everything I could ever truly have a desire for, in a world full of people faking it until they are making it, they had made it, and were real. Beautiful pantones, perfect trend guides, they are the feeling of a woman falling asleep on your chest.

This is more a constant stream of new designers. This can be good to see new trends, and help spot new colors that might be trending. While they have a general news section, its more promoting ideas about what is or will be trending. There is a bit of “check out this or that on social media” which sometimes can feel like sponsored posts.

This is probably the best place to go for editorial concepts that are written like essays. Its generally pretty good and unbiased, but has the flaw that articles are often very short and don’t say anything. Think of it like… “here is a designer’s look book. There is a lot of white in the pictures huh? Anyway, see you next article”.

Ugh, I know, “Vogue”, who cares? Well you get to see the big players walks. Those walks matter, because they ripple out to every end of the internet. I’ve given up just stumbling their from Tumblr/Pinterest, I now officially visit their website directly.
Meniscus Magazine is decent, but on the Fashion side, its one of the great bridges from the United Starts to Korean fashion. Its an entirely fresh perspective, this is one of my favorite blogs even if not the most useful.

Fashion Business

This is just good for monitoring the flow of textile, and the prices of textiles.

just-style is a UK based news source that looks at the rag trade from a global perspective. They pay a lot of attention to the best places to get things sourced and how technology influences fashion lines. They even pay attention to the resources needed to have things made, and follow why traceability plays a key role in social compliance. They tend to be too global to be too useful, but its definitely interesting to read. Articles that are anything but the most fresh end up hiding behind a pay wall- just pop in for the new information. I’ve paid for a membership but they don’t even have daily updates so it often doesn’t feel worth it.

They are global like just-style, but they talk a lot about brands. Whenever companies talk heavily about brands I always fear like sponsored content is being pushed in the background. That said, if you can work past that, there are some great articles going on concerning global ideas and even laws concerning the rag trade.

They are much less global and focus around the two main hubs of fashion in the United States- New York and LA. Its very pretty and reads like a typical magazine- being mostly filled with Op-Eds with some really interesting articles hidden behind it.

Entrepreneur is a nice blend of opinion driven information articles. You hear a lot about “Beyonce’s new shoe brand” and things like that, while being fact based its a little trashy in its facts. They have a few really useful informative articles also that are much like the articles you would find on this website.

This list is really as much for me as it is for you- I’m constantly finding myself at not the right computer with not the right bookmarks so I want this online so I can reference it myself. You’d be surprised how much I go back to my own articles to find my old answers to problems.

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