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Boudoir Photography Workflow: 2) Tethering & Practicing Lighting

By November 15, 2016Photography

Before this: 1) Concept

tetheringIts important to me to be able to tether my camera to a laptop and monitor. Most boudoir shoots are set up enough ahead of time that I can set up a space comfortably. This will make sure me and other members of the team catch any minor mistakes that occurred. Before the shoot even begins, though, I make sure my colors are correct.  This is important because the color can shift from your camera to your monitor- make sure to find a good color checking work flow with your camera. There is a correction method in lightroom- but it desaturates the image slightly. I would recommend using a colorimeter and SpectraCal Color Calibration Software to make sure the colors are perfect.

This is also a good time to test all the desired lighting in the room- sometimes its the lighting that is incorrectly causing color issues. Its still good to correct it, but that’s part of why you need to test it before hand. I would also recommend figuring out how you are going to be getting the lighting into the room correctly. If it goes unplanned, it is often hard to create natural looking light from above. Getting the lights to align properly to the mood board is important.

I make sure that my images are saving in multiple places- typically on an SD card and on my computer, which will sync it online. This leads to a longer lead time between shots, I know, but I need these to be backed up. I’m over doing it I’m sure, but one day my equipment will be stolen and I will be glad I tackled it in this method.

After This: The Shoot

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