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“Don’t quote me on that” – Blogging in Seattle

_33I reached out to designers I knew asking “Is there anything walks could be doing that would make it easier for you to sell clothes?”. They had a landslide of ideas- though they all had one cautionary note- “don’t tell anyone I told you this”.

Seattle fashion is riddled with one-person businesses. Each of which are worried about their own brand, their own appearance, and being able to earn that whatever tiny amount for their time at an event that they feel like if they say anything even remotely bad about anyone or anything, it will immediately lead to that person not working with them again or raising the cost of working with them.

Truth be told, they are probably right.

Designers have limited places they can walk, and Seattle has some incredibly high prices. They need event organizers to support them. Events are filled with people close to the event organizers first, and then designers are approached with the event. If you aren’t liked, you won’t be reached.

The frosted flakes in Seattle are a real thing, especially if you are a photographer. One or two negative experiences, even if those negative experiences had nothing to do with you, and the gossip will spread and people won’t want to work with you. This is mostly because there are tons of amateur photographers in Seattle who are willing to work for free. So, if you are honest to loudly in Seattle the cost quickly becomes your ability to provide gigs.

This is also true for models, who probably get it worse than the photographers. There are very few walks in Seattle, but a lot of models. They are looking to trim down the list, and there is no easier way then by them having a reason over a slight miss giving.

HMUA’s and Stylists have it the worst, as they tend to spend a great deal more than the models and photographers, receive the least of the credit, and are often the ones who make our break a fashion shoot.

How does this really effect me? Not too much really, it just makes it very hard to get the truth out of people. I really just need the truth so I can give people who are trying to make it in the rag trade real advice. Its just something to keep in mind while you are out there designing. As I start reaching out to other bloggers in the fashion world I will see what they have to say (which I am sure they won’t want quoted).

In a larger sense, I don’t like doing hit pieces or talking to loudly against people on blogs because it feels cowardly. A blog is such a weird things to read when an article is about you or your event. The levels people break down and make assumptions about… its too much. If I ever were to want to disparage someone strongly, I’d want to talk to them and raise questions they could respond to. I might speculate about specific flaws (like why its bad to have empty front row seats) and cite an example, but I’m not trying to disparage the event.

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