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Boudoir Photography: Making the Ultimate Client Experience

By November 3, 2016Photography

The landing page is up! Check it up here!

_8This begins before they even speak with you. They have probably been thinking about this for a while, and having been following your social media and your website. They have made some opinions of you and are considering to talk to you. They might be waiting for a discount, or for money to come together, or to lose that next 10 lbs, but they’ve been thinking about boudoir photos for a while. Hopefully, they are thinking about it from you. Make sure to use powerful images to help create emotional impact! Images are really important for moving people emotionally.

I want them to contact me from a form on my website. I lose some interest by not keeping my phone number more readily available, but I really want them on form pages so I know they are sincerely interested even if they decide to not submit the form. Its easy to track that type of data to help market to them easier in the future. How you respond to their initial message is huge! Too anxious, too many messages, too short of messages- they all say things about you that will effect how they feel about you emotionally. Make sure to craft replies that are vary appropriate to your brand. Always make the response quick! autoresponders are a great way to give additional information to people who are interested.

Be ready to help set expectations! These are good check list items for every shoot:

  • Offer Additional Services
  • Grooming and style tips (if no stylist provided)
  • Wardrobe inspiration (if no stylist provided)
  • Hair and makeup information (if no hair and make up artist is provided)
  • What to expect from the session
  • Time provided for post production
  • How your viewing sessions work
  • Your business policies
  • Show them mock ups of finished pieces

I try to make sure that I meet them in person for coffee and talk with them directly. Its good for both parties to make sure that this is a good fit, I always want to be friends with people I’m working with.

Make sure to communicate with them often before the shoot, and keep the hype and excitement high!

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