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Seattle: Boudoir Photography Space has an Opening

By November 1, 2016Fashion, Photography

The landing page is up! Check it up here!

_11011600I’ve spent some time visiting fashion shows and networking with everyone I can. I’ve got to make a website, got a photoshoot, I have probably too many models. I noticed something was missing with the photographers in town- I met the hyper pro, I met the brash “too good for this” guy that was but his attitude puts you off, and the awful photographer who stands in front of other photographer’s shots. I noticed a lack of the presence of a quality boudoir photographer at these events. Googling the competition, I discovered four boudoir studios:

I’m going to break this down into digestible sections to show you what my plan is, and how I plan to execute it. Its how my brain works- draft a plan anyone can do, and then just do it. For people who know me, Boudoir and sexy photography isn’t my brand at all. Money however is the language I speak, so I will figure out how to make it work even if its off brand for myself. I am going to need the photography space anyway- and its so easy to capture these keywords. Lets just aim to seem like the best boudoir photographer in Seattle.
What do I need to compete?
  1. Target Audience Knowledge
  2. Products
  3. Portfolio
  4. Web Presence
  5. Social Media
  6. Creating Print Materials
  7. List of Seattle Photographers that Would be Interested in the Leads

Target Audience

First, lets review who is really using the competitions websites: Slightly older ladies that look like they are married to someone who makes pretty decent money- and look like they probably are already Amateur Models. The subsection thats a part of a very relevant target audience is Seattle Based Cam Girls. They don’t have a lot of money, but its an easier sale- they can take the photos you take of them and redistribute them in attempts to make more money. In both cases, the individuals are really investing in themselves in minor attempts to make the money back while also cataloguing their youth.
Honestly, I expect I’ll need to haggle everything. Every last drop of beat juice will have to be wrestled out of the rock known as a client. That being said, its easier for people to engage you if they know your starting minimums. Until I get my portfolio going I will need to basically do these breaking even or at a lose. These are the products I have came up with looking at the competition:

The Premium $2,195.00 three hour session (6-9 looks 5 images per look) including hair and makeup, a private in-studio viewing session, custom printed magazine/book (30 pages, paper), a designed 12 month calendar, aa digital print and all the final digital images on a jump drive.

The Corset
 $1,295.00 two hour session (4-6 looks 5 images per look) including hair and makeup, a private in-studio viewing session, a digital print and all the final digital images on a jump drive.

The Flirt $495.00 one hour session (2 looks 5 images per look) including hair and makeup, a private in-studio viewing session.


This is one of the hardest parts- getting a legit portfolio going. Looking at the competition, I will need at least 5 models who are willing to let me share these images online. I’m going to explore this in the social media section. Its going to be important that in the gaining followers phase I’ll test the waters with who will let me do what complimentary. I imagine the first two will be hard but after that I will have enough credit to be able to do this officially.

Web Presence

I need to make a “Boudoir Photography Seattle” landing page. This enter into the need for a portfolio! I also will need to produce some blog posts to syndicate out to let my current follower base know what I am trying to do. In terms of monthly searches, it gets 720-“Boudoir Photography Seattle” not enough for a real SEO head to even try to compete for the position. What I will need to rank: A physical address (a studio), a boudoir section of my website, and some backlinks. I’ll worry about on page optimization a little more.

Social Media

I have a very good existing follower base- and because I have often done sponsored posts with Cam Girls I have some of that audience already. That said, I need Seattle based Cam Girls. I hope on over to FollowerWonk to see what I can find. Twitter is live streaming, so Cam Girls use it to alert their follower base when they will be on Cam. I’m setting up a spreadsheet with each user I can find, and then I will connect to them on every social media account they offer up to their users. I don’t want to engage them too quickly- I want to start getting in their notes and liking their posts so they think I am also a fan. Here is my current list:

Shorter than I would of hoped! Its a good starting point. I know a few others but they don’t celebrate their location- and if they don’t then I don’t want to put it online.

Creating Print Material

This is pretty key for real life interaction. Give them something they can touch and feel, and dream about. For best results, I need items in my Portfolio to accomplish this. Once I have those items, its very easy to slip anything into the Jesse Dictor style guide. I will go over that later!

List of Seattle Photographers that Would be Interested in the Leads

I doubt I could stomach boudoir photography for too long! Its truly not in my nature. I care too much about the clothes they are wearing- my friend asked me which image she looked best in and I couldn’t stop myself determining the one where her clothes look the best. Long term I hope to be able to work with one other photographer who loves it and I will be able to sell that person all my leads. Until then, I will keep gathering photographer cards to try to push them until then and short term I will be shooting them myself. Red faced. Like I do.

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