Recent Publications with Seattle Fashion Designer Jersey Virago

Seattle Fashion & Athletic Apparel Research

Intelligence Reporting in the Seattle fashion and apparel industry, with a larger emphasis on Nordstrom and Athletic Brands. I work with local brands and marketers to help them make beneficial marketing decisions. Focusing heavily on Seattle and the Pacific Northwest fashion scene as well as the athletic scene. With Nike, Adidas, REI, Nordstrom, and other juggernauts in the fashion industry working directly out here there is always something going worth paying attention. Amazon also is creeping into fashion at a dramatic pace and they offer some great consumer data.

Seattle Based Photography

Working with emerging models helps me make industry connections helping both designers and models make the connections they need- this also helps me create content for the website. Photography is very important for websites and conversions so optimizing personalized images is key for a brand and conversion.

The Great Nordstrom Athletic SERP Invade

There is an interesting problem with retail accounts and wholesale accounts. Neither want to compete with each other in long tail SERPs, which leaves large openings in the SERPs neither want to address. I’m experimenting with how effectively I can start injecting my brand into the holes to show marketers how easily they could start hijacking relevant terms.

Athletic Video & Social Overview

I’m obsessed with Sephora’s use of Social media and YouTube- and I am surprised other brands aren’t using Sephra as a benchmark for their own progress. With out tracking influencers, I compare the competitive Athletic Brands I follow to Sephora to help marketers see the gaps in their social & video strategy. It’s impossible to do it all yourself also, start with a single social media platform and work your way up!

Seattle Trend Reporting

Large retail chains are attempting to get apparel items selling using influencers and marketing. I track this data for reporting. Most campaigns in America are nationwide, especially if they have money behind them, but some marketing stays specific to the Pacific Northwest.