Seattle Fashion Photographer

If you are interested in modeling and would like to inquire about some head shots in the Seattle Metro, check my Seattle Beauty Shots page and see current pricing. I often will do test shots for free! If you are here just to read about everything interesting I find on the business side of fashion, make sure to check out my Fashion News Blog. I encourage stylists and designers to reach out to me as well!

I’ve worked making catalogs, websites, photography, and graphic design for many Seattle designers in town! You can also expect to find my at every reputable fashion event in Seattle and I love to keep my finger of the pulse of Seattle boutiques.

Seattle Fashion Designer Clients

Seattle Fashion News

Jersey Virago Spotlight Mia Schubert
June 26, 2017

Submit your Paradiso Music Festival Outfits!

I'm looking heavily into the fashion that occurred at the Paradiso music festival! If you…
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Halree Case Inverted
June 22, 2017

Op Ed: Customization in Fashion is Nonsense

Nike has been allowing users to entirely customization their shoe design, with companies like Printful…
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June 20, 2017

Designers at up Coming FGI Seattle Designer Showcase

These are the upcoming designers for the FGI Seattle Designer Showcase. I normally go a…
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