Portland Fashion & Apparel Marketing

An engaging design, quality photographs, and professional appearance is critical to help communicate the value of your brand. Jesse Dictor Marketing focuses on the niche market of the fashion industry with a simple goal for everyone we help- develop a strong brand, follow your metrics, and make you sales. This website is also hoping to be a resource for online boutiques and fashion wholesalers everywhere, even if they aren't looking for our guidance. Check out our blog for online tips and tricks, and sign up for a webinar to get more specific one on one time with Jesse Dictor as he goes down the fundamentals of marketing on online shop.

Why specialize in fashion and clothing? Our company has worked a lot targeting the female 25-35 year old demographics in many different industries and we have the warehouse packing and shipping mentality down. The biggest reason to market fashion is that most industries do not allow you to have the creativity you might want in expressing yourself as a brand- they need to remain to professional and sterilized. The fashion industry as a whole grants a lot of artistic license with design and with photography. Lets create beautiful photos and creative designs together.

Jesse Dictor owns #PortlandFashion. Heck its my brand. If its online and related to Portland Fashion we are going to be connected to it. I am also looking to take over the space Portland Models and Portland Boutique but its a slow boil.